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If I had a choice of playing for England or have you look after my tax affairs, you'd come first every time.

D. Beckham

We have been dealing with Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants for almost 8 years now. The day Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants took responsibility of our accounts is the day I stopped spending time on accounts and started paying more attention to my business resulting in a favourable expansion of my business. If I have to say anything about Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants in one sentence than it will be that they are my eyes, ears and brains when it comes to accountancy and Tax affairs. We are a grown business and been visited by Taxman a number of times. We believe in ethical business dealings and due to that with Hoffman & Cohen's expert advice, I am glad to say that we never had to pay an extra penny than the rightful tax. I can whole heartedly recommend Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants.

M K - Owner of Al Arez Group of Restaurants

Your tax staff are outstanding. Since starting my tiddly winks manufacturing empire last week, I've received a tax rebate every day.

D. Jones

My bank manager said that because I'm using you he's happy to lend me £1 million unsecured and not to worry if I have any difficulties repaying it.

A. Baines

I have been in the business for over 20 years. Being in business itself is challenging enough. It is important as a business owner to concentrate on increasing our business than spending time dealing with tax affairs. We had 2 accountants in the past and we thought that they were doing a good job till we were inspected by the Taxman. I than found out how wrong was I and approached Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants to help us with the inspection. All I can say is that instead of paying, we are gladly claiming overpaid tax back from the tax authorities legally. As a business owner, do I need to say more? I am also very pleased to have expanded my business with Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants assistance'.

Patricia Fernandez - Owner of History Group of Studios

I think your service is so outstanding, if you want to bill me in advance for the next 10 years work, Id be more than happy to pay.

K. James

Numbers have always been my weakest point, which I always passed on to my accountants to handle it. It is very easy for a business owner to ignore the tax and accounting side of business assuming your accountant is handling it. However it is extremely important to understand what is going on the tax side of your business. Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants has been our accountants for over 3 years and they have always proved to be available for any assistance I required. I had a trouble with local Council for a number of years which was resolved by Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants that could have costed me in thousands of dollars. Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants have also helped to put great internal controls in our business that helped me to be more efficient and I was able to spend more time on my business. Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants is more of a family to me than the accountants and the least I could do is give my honest opinion.

Michael A - Proprietor of Emporio Italy Limited Knightsbridge

Everyone who works for you is so friendly as well as good looking. The wife often spends a lot of time parked outside your offices just in the hope of catching sight of some of your outstanding people.

J. Smithers

I cannot recommend Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants enough. They have overhauled our financials and we have saved very substantially as a financial result. The difference between Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants and other accountants is that they will guide you directly to the best outcome and work hard to save you money. They are also fantastic to deal with and very responsive.

Victoria M - Principal of a Solicitor Firm

In recognition of all that you've done for me, I'm in the process of changing my name to the same as that of your senior partner.

B. Burtimer

Hoffman & Cohen has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes them stand out. They pay close attention to what you say and try to capture the essence of your request. In other words, they just don't create something that looks visibly pleasing but they also make sure that it reflects the values products.

Fawzi Moosa - Director of Paddington Estates Limited

If only I'd had you as my accountant when I had my spot of bother with the taxman

K. Dodd

Nasir is a diligent accountant who promptly replies to communications and turns matters around promptly. I would highly recommend him for SME businesses

T M - Principal Matrix Legal Limited - Specialist Property Solicitor

Would you do me the honour of being best man at my wedding. If in your speech you could enlighten everyone with the full technical details of your outstanding tax planning ideas, I'm sure it'd be the best wedding ever.

A. Groom

I am a Chef by trade and only know how to prepare delicious food. Unfortunately that was not enough to start a business as it required skills that I did not have. Fortunately, I had Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants. They assisted me with every aspect of business including dealing with the Landlord, solicitor, banks, council etc. What I have now is a thriving business with a potential of great expansion. Can I expand without Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants? I believe not. Hoffman & Cohen Chartered Certified Accountants are not my accountants but are my business partners without profit sharing.

Z Sweid - Al Qalaa Restaurant

OK, we've made some of them up. But, we're sure you probably don't believe many of the testimonials you read anyway. If you want to speak to some of our real clients who'll tell you all about our service, we'd be more than happy to give you the contact details of some who receive the kind of service you're looking for. Just Contact us for details.

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